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Ultimately, the only thing that makes one business stand out from all the others, is the quality of the service that is offered.

That genuine quality of service is what makes Kitchen & Bath Ideas so truly unique. "What differentiates us from everybody else is the people who work here," store manager Doug Pauley says. "You really have to experience it to know the difference."

Matching a customer's needs with the right product is an important element in creating the perfect kitchen. Whether working with a budget that allows for the top of the line luxury or a more modest lifestyle, the team at Kitchen & Bath Ideas works to suit those needs. With 40 years of experience in the industry, Pauley has worked with everything from classic custom-made cabinetry to the latest Eurotech designs.

Because of that expertise, Doug and his staff can manage the entire process from design to installation. "It's really important to develop a strong relationship between the client and our designers," he says. "The client can't see their finished kitchen. There may be 60 components that go together." In this kind of business, a good designer understands the concept that while form follows function, the outcome must be aesthetically pleasing as well. "It's the little things that really do make the difference, like knowing what the customer will use a specific drawer for," said Pauley.

The new showroom has several diverse kitchen and bathroom concepts on display.

Kitchen & Bath Ideas

Kitchen & Bath Ideas
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